Custom Wallpaper

custom wallpaper

Personalised wallpaper print

A custom wallpaper can add a personal touch to any room in the house or office. Most often installed as part of a feature wall. Thousands of images are available online, both for free and from paid sites. We can source an image based on your requirements.

  • Full colour
  • Waterproof print
  • Unlimited patterns and styles
corporate wallpaper pattern

Corporate wallpaper

Used in offices and other corporate envitronments (the example on the left is installed in the ESET suite at Newlands Rugby Stadium in Cape Town), a corporate wallpaper patern helps to subtley reinformce your brand. We can use an existing pattern or design somethging new with your image in mind.

  • Fully customised
  • Brand reinforcement
  • Matt finish
in store wallpaper

In store wallpaper

In store wallpaper prints can be installed to reinforce the store's brand or one of the products that are stocked in store, or even as the backdrop for an instore display. These wallpapers are a handy way to give life to bland walls.


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