Mr Kruger is a franchise specializing in Krugerrands, Bullion, Gold  etc. that started in Pretoria.

The owner of this store has worked with us on 2 previous stores so we have a proven track record.

This store required window branding, illuminated reception signage, privacy screens, display cabinets and wallpaper with 2400 hand made fake Krugerrands making up a map of the world.

This is their first store in the Western Cape.

We have since branded 3 more stores for this customer in the Western Cape and are poised to begin branding stores in Gauteng and other regions of South Africa.

Fake gold coins
wallpaper installation
wallpaper installation
wallpaper installation
wallpaper installation and gold coins
paper hoarding
Window Graphics
Window Graphics
Window Graphics
Illuminated letterset
Privacy Screen
privacy screen
clear acrylic display cabinet
Mr Kruger The Sanctuary Signage
Mr Kruger Rondebosch Signage
Mr Kruger Lightbox Signage
Mr Kruger Regional Office Signage