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Branding your building (signage) is a crucial part of getting your name out there and making your presence known. A lightbox is a great way to make sure your brand is visible both at night and during the day. We can make lightboxes in almost any size as all are custom made.

24HR VIsibility

sizes customised

Lightbox Cape Town

Primary Signage

Primary signs could be a pylon at your entrance or your main signage on your building. There are multiple ways to present your brand. We manufacture signs from multiple materials to suit your brand and your budget.

Makes a Statement

Multiple Material options

Reception Signage

Acrylic panels can be made to any size as per your specification, and can incorporate multiple colours when combined with digitally printed graphics. The example to the left utilizes stainless steel locators to keep it spaced neatly off the backing surface.

budget friendly



Reception Signage Cape Town

Tertiary Signage

Tertiary signage is smaller signs requirements that may be required in a building to identify or direct visitors to specific floors, offices or boardrooms. These can include door signs like the example on the left or floor directories etc. These can be manufactured from glass, acrylic, aluminium, steel etc.

Brand reinforcement

can be made from multiple material

Chromadeck Signage

We also manufacture chromadeck signs. Chromadeck is an extremely cost effective method of getting your name onto your building. It can be applied with either digital print or calendared vinyl, and an aluminium frame if required to finish the sign neatly.

Cost Effective

Can be limiting due to sheet size


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Lightbox Cape Town
Signage Cape Town
Signage Cape Town
Signage Cape Town
Cut out steel signage

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